Dennis Peron Legacy Advisory Board

The Dennis Peron Legacy Project is headed by Dennis’s life partner and spouse, John Entwistle, Jr. John worked side by side with Dennis from the early 1980’s co-founding the first Cannabis Buyers Club and co-authoring Proposition 215.

In order to fully realize the goals of keeping the memory of Dennis Peron alive for future generations and continuing his vision a group of people who were close to Dennis have formed an Advisory Board. This group is the heart and soul of the Dennis Peron Legacy Project constituting a wonderfully diverse set of individuals boasting a very wide range of talents and insights.

The Dennis Peron Legacy Advisory Board (DP-LAB) is available to discuss ideas, take input from the public, provide outreach people to attend events and in general to be the brains behind the Dennis Peron Legacy Project. As we focus on political organizing and fundraising so as to influence the cannabis movement toward full implementation of Dennis’s Dream of legalization done right it is the Advisory Board that will provide a forum for discussing and deciding specific proposals. As we raise funds in the name of Dennis Peron the Advisory Board will be the forum to discuss which charities or causes should receive these resources.

Our modern world provides us with new as well as established ways to memorialize our loved ones. Members of the Dennis Peron Legacy Advisory Board are chosen because they lived and worked with Dennis and know his values that way or because they have distinguished themselves through extraordinarily effective activism which furthers Dennis’s goals and vision in the current political climate.

The Dennis Peron Legacy Advisory Board

Joe Airone

Brian Applegarth

Lynne Barnes

Amy Casey

Shanti and Amy Salinas

Peter James Webster

Valerie Corral

Brian Peron

Jeff Peron

Kevin O’Callaghan

Ruth Carsch

John Evangelista

Jerry Munn

Jason Menard

Madeleine Johnson

Terrance Alan

Clint Werner

Wayne Justmann

Kasey Conder

David Smith

Fred Gardner

John Woods

Ruth Frazee

Bob Palais (and Mica)

Richard Eastman

Jacki Evangelista

Sunrise Marks

Jeanne Lang

Laramie Lang

David Nash

Rev. Dr. Megan Rohrer

Ryan Wardley

Kim Haueter

This is an incomplete list. Check back in the next few days for updates and for more information about the individuals listed herein.

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